Campaign materials

We have created a variety of resources to bring the campaign to life. These are designed to support and complement your WHD activities and are free to download and use widely to boost the impact of your campaign. 

To download the materials, select your resource type and language from the drop down menus.
Click on the text below the image of each resource to download (PDF/JPG).

World Hepatitis Day toolkits

We have created a number of toolkits to help you plan for World Hepatitis Day. Learn how to reach more people with your campaign, get tips on running your own World Hepatitis Day event, and find out about the World Hepatitis 2017 campaign.

Campaign toolkit

Learn more about the WHD 2017 campaign

Events toolkit

Get ideas for planning your event and tips on making it a success

Posters & customisable poster tool

A set of five sample posters has been developed based on the #ShowYouFace campaign. Posters are available in the seven core languages and are customisable through the WHD website via our tool. This allows you to create your own custom posters in any language. Aside from allowing you to insert your own specific I AM statements, our unique poster tool allows you upload your own photo to the Polaroid frame and add your organisation logo.

This is simple to do: just edit the online form, upload your images and your poster is instantly created and ready to download.

We encourage you to share these posters on social media, use them in your media outreach and display them at your local events! We also encourage you to use the posters and campaign materials to help create a unified global campaign.


Infographics based on the WHO Global Hepatitis Report, 2017 are available to support your activities. We encourage you share them on social media, including Twitter and Facebook as well as use them as educational leaflets and post them on your website.

Check back 31 May for full set!

Logo and web banners

The official WHD logo and ELIMINATE HEPATITIS banner are available from the website. The WHD logo is available to download in 40 languages. You can also download an animated #ShowYourFace banner to use on your website.


When using the campaign logos and materials, please note that original proportions should always be maintained. We would encourage you to use the logo files available on the website where possible, to ensure quality and consistency.

Design elements

Design elements including a pull-up banner and a giant Polaroid template are available. 


Postcards are available to encourage people to take part in the campaign and to hand out at events.