Campaign guidelines

Hep Can't Wait

‘Hepatitis Can’t Wait’ is the new campaign theme to launch WHD 2021. This will bring WHA and our global network of over 300 members in nearly 100 countries together to lead the campaign internationally.

Launching in May, 2021 the Hepatitis Can’t Wait global campaign highlights the need to accelerate hepatitis elimination efforts, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside this, it will also highlight the social injustice and inequity caused by the current lack of action on hepatitis elimination and focus on the positive action needed to get on track to meet our 2030 elimination goals.

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World Hepatitis Day is our day to raise awareness of viral hepatitis. We aim to unite the global community to demand action from decision makers globally to prioritise the elimination of viral hepatitis.

1) To raise awareness of viral hepatitis
2) Communicate the urgent need for action on hepatitis now.
3) Reveal the social injustice caused by the lack of action on viral hepatitis
4) Raise the voices of the people and communities affected by viral hepatitis to demand positive action and fight stigma
5) Celebrate the global community combating hepatitis around the world
6) Call on policymakers, decision makers and global funders to join the fight to eliminate hepatitis

Visual Identity

The campaign logo for Hep Can’t Wait is a core part of our campaign identity and should not be altered in anyway.

The two exclamation marks in the symbol represent the ticking hands of a clock and reinforce our underlying theme for this campaign – urgency.

The campaign logo is available in three colour ways for use on different background colours – a primary campaign logo for use on light backgrounds and two reversed logos for use on Space Blue and Fire Orange.

Campaign resources

A selection of images and headlines are available to be used – alternatively use our creator tool to produce your own materials.
When sharing any of our assets on social media always make sure to tag us @worldhepatitisalliance on Facebook and @hep_alliance on twitter and use the
hashtag #WorldHepatitisDay.


A selection of A4 size posters are available to download in six languages.
You can also create your own custom posters using our tool. You can can translate and edit the text, add your organisation’s logo and choose an image that is right for your community.