World Hepatitis Day 2022 in Africa

A summary of World Hepatitis Day activities in the WHO African region

Celebrating World Hepatitis Day in Africa

Partners, stakeholders and WHA members in the WHO AFRO region were able to effectively raise awareness online and in the media.

The Livewell Initiative

The LiveWell Initiative and its sister organization, Women in Hepatitis Africa WIHA, organised a programme of screening pregnant women for hepatitis at Shogunro Village. During the programme they educated the women on the importance of the birth dose vaccination, the 0-6-14 week vaccination and facilitated linkage to care.


Baby products and written materials were distributed as gifts to women who took part in their hepatitis quiz.

Sufabel Community Development Initiative

On World Hepatitis Day Sufabel Community Development in Nigeria conducted a radio program with AMANA FM, held a rally in support of hepatitis awareness and offered free hepatitis B and C testing.They raised awareness and held free testing at Bomala and Shamaki Ward of Gombe State Nigeria.

Great Lakes Peace Centre

On World Hepatitis Day public health officer and medical clinical officer Arafat Bwambale, who is actively engaged in social accountability advocacy and peace building works to support youth empowerment and social justice in Uganda, joined in our “Point to the Time” social media campaign.


Hepatitis Alliance of Ghana

Hepatitis Alliance of Ghana held a national scientific seminar for midwives on 26 July in Ghana.

KnowHep Foundation

KnowHep Foundation, Sierra Leone commemorated world hepatitis day 2022 by screening for hepatitis B and raised awareness amongst adolescents at four schools in Freetown. Despite heavy rains and schools being closed they achieved  screening of 180 students. They also raised awareness across radio and hung WHD posters on billboards.

Dr Anthony Muhanguzi

On World Hepatitis Day 2022 Dr Antony Muhanguzi from Mbarare, Uganda, planned a community outreach programme to test hepatitis B, vaccinate hepatitis B and educate people about hepatitis.

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