World Hepatitis Day 2023 in the Americas

A summary of World Hepatitis Alliance members’ World Hepatitis Day activities in the WHO Americas region

Celebrating World Hepatitis Day in the Americas

World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) members in the WHO Americas region were able to effectively raise awareness online and in the media. A number of organisations ran successful advocacy campaigns.

Hepatitis Rosario, Argentina 

To mark WHD, Hepatitis Rosario shared the National Monument to the Flag in the city of Rosario, next to the City Council. 

Dr Su Wang 

Past-President at the WHA, Dr Su Wang shared a message from the White House on WHD urging politicians that time is up and we need access to treatment for HBV now.  

Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre, Canada

Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre ran a hepatitis event at the Urban Health Centre in Vancouver on WHD. At the event the organisation tested more than 40 people for hepatitis and engaged people into getting treatment.  

Canadian Network on Hepatitis C 

The Canadian Network on Hepatitis C shared a WHD video on social media as well as informational posts and testimonies from people with lived experience. Watch the video here. 

Guatemalan Liver Association

To mark WHD, The Guatemalan Liver Association offered free hepatitis testing at a medical facility where over 120 people were tested. The Association also created five hepatitis awareness raising videos in collaboration with Labymed which were published across social media. Watch the videos here: 1,2,3,4,5. 

 Dr Patricia Velez Moller, Co-Founder and Vice-President at the Guatemalan Liver Association, also took part in WHO/PAHO’s webinar “Scale Up Access to Diagnosis and Treatment to Save Lives.” Watch the webinar here. 

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